Monday, 21 October 2013


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Maths Clubs are designed to help children improve the speed of recalling key maths facts.  Knowing the key maths facts will enable children to be more confident and progress further in the Big Number Crunch.
Children will work their way through the Maths clubs with regular tests in class.  The tests are 3 minutes long.  If the children pass the club on three separate occasions they will then move on to the next club. 

Numbers to 20 Club                              
10 Bonds Club 
20 Bonds Club 
The Bonds Club 
100 Bonds Club  (Begin in Y3/4)

10 Club 
20 Club 
30 Club 
40 Club 
55 Club 
75 Club 
75 ÷ Club 
Percentages Club 
Fractions Club 
45 Mix-Up Club 
The Super Mix-Up Club